lightning struck tree

Lightning damaged trunk

Consulting services at Etter Tree Care include but are not limited to:

  • appropriate tree selection
  • tree care during construction
  • impact of damage by vehicles, storms, etc.
  • diagnosis of tree problems

Storm Damage & Hazard Inspection:  If a storm has just caused damage to your tree(s), such as torn or fallen limbs, Etter Tree Care can assist you in removing and cleaning up the debris. In addition, if you feel your tree(s) may become a hazard in a storm, we can assess what actions need to be taken to prevent an accident from occurring.

Diagnosis: If you are wondering why your tree(s) are looking poor, our certified arborists can help! We will find the trouble and recommend corrective treatment. Shelf Fungus at base of tree.

Tree Maintenance Program:  Etter Tree Care’s specialists can help you design a pro-active tree maintenance program for your home or business. Active tree care can greatly increase your trees’ and property value, and avoid hazard and health problems.

Construction Management:  Whether you are building, remodeling, or having utility construction done, trees will undergo stress in construction situations. Representatives at Etter Tree Care can provide you with the necessary information and tools to protect your trees before, during, and after construction. For more information, see Tree Protection.

Tree Inventories:  Whether your property is large or small we can inventory your existing trees in order to more efficiently care for your trees.

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