tree lightning protection

Construction Site Management: Whether you are building, remodeling, or having utility construction done, trees will undergo stress in construction situations.  Representatives at Etter Tree Care can provide you with the necessary information and tools to protect your trees before, during, and after construction.  Etter Tree Care recommends certain considerations in the protection of trees in construction areas. Click here for a printer-friendly version of this list.

Land Development Assistance:  ETC Land Development Services include tree survey, valuation, tree health and evaluation. We can help you identify your heritage trees, greenspace, and assist in developing boulevard, park tree inventory, relocation, protection, removal, and identification of species.

Lightning Protection:  Installation of a lightning protection system can help protect your home and your valuable trees. This system involves the installation of heavy copper conductors and rods designed to capture and direct the lightning to long underground grounding rods.  These conductors are installed using stand-off connectors to further protect the tree, and provide clearance as the tree grows.

tree lightning conductor

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